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Directory of Lenders that Provide Cash Advance Loans

 Are you looking for a cash advance online loan?  Do you have bad credit or no credit at all?  If so, it can be tough to find a real company that offers online cash advance loans.  Many websites claim to offer direct loans but most of them will just take your information & sell it to dozens of companies that you don't know! You will likely end up wasting your time & you probably won't get the cash advance loan you need! Luckily we've made the process easy for you. We've taken the time to document and list many of the largest direct cash advance lenders who fund online loans. Our directory lists lenders that currently offer cash advance online loans.

Last Revised 3/17/17

 CashNetUSA   Cashnet is one of the largest direct cash advance lenders in the country.  They currently offer online cash advance loans and online installment loans of anywhere from $300 to $4000 depending on the state you live in.  To be approved for a loan you must be 18 years old with an active checking account.  There's no need to fax in any documents as long as you can verify that you're currently employed.  Cashnet provides cash advance online loans with payoff terms of 8-35 days.  Check their website for payoff information regarding their other types of online loans.

CheckintoCash   They're a huge nationwide lender.  They've been funding cash advance online loans since the early 90's and claim to be a pioneer in the cash advance industry.  In addition to online lending, they also have hundreds of retail locations in over 30 states.  This means you can apply for a cash advance loan online and get cash in hand in less than an hour at any of their retail locations.  Their loan amounts and loan terms vary with each state so be sure to check your state's rates and terms on their website before applying for a cash advance loan.   As the name of their website implies they've been offering cash advance online loans since the late 90's.  They have multiple online loan options available to consumers all throughout the country. They claim it will take you less than 5 minutes to complete an application for an online cash advance loan and you'll receive an approval notification in seconds once you apply.  Lastly, they claim that bad credit won't automatically result in a loan denial. With their system, you'll be approved for a cash advance loan based on current income & past loan history.  Most consumers who are approved for a cash advance of up to $1,500 can expect a loan duration of anywhere from 7 days to 30 days.

Mypaydayloan   This direct lender has been offering online cash advance loans for well over a decade. They claim you can be approved for an online loan within minutes regardless of the fact that you may have bad credit or no credit at all.  To be approved for an online loan you can't have any outstanding cash advance loans or installment loans. Furthermore, you must make over $1500 a month and have an active bank check account(no savings accounts or pre-paid cards can be used with them).  They process loans in all states except Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts Maryland, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Washington.

Check 'n Go   They have been a longtime lender of cash advance online loans throughout the US.  In addition to offering loans online, they have well over 1,000 storefront locations all throughout the country.  Check 'n Go funds direct installment loans and direct payday loans, but you can only get a cash advance online loan with them if you live in California, Texas or Ohio.  We will post an update here if they bring on more states.  

Swift Cash Online  They offer online cash advance loans as well as long term installment loans of up to $2500 in over 40 states. To be eligible for a cash advance loan you must have an active checking account and a steady source of income(at least $1400 a month).  Their installment loan requirements are more stringent, but you may qualify for a loan even with bad credit. Swift Cash claims to have a quick and easy online approval process that should take no longer than 10 minutes.

Maxlend  Maxlend is a large direct lender that offers online loans in nearly every state.  They have very flexible payment terms and you will not incur a penalty if you choose to pay off the loan early.  Applicants will need to show a monthly income of at least $800 to qualify.  The loan application process and signing of documents are all done online and they say you can have cash in hand by the next business day.

Cash Central   Cash Central is a leading online provider of direct lender cash advances.  They've been in business for well over a decade and claim to have processed half a million loans in that time.  They're currently funding cash advance loans of anywhere from $200 to $1,000.  They also just recently started offering online installment loans for up to $5,000.   Be sure to check their website for more information regarding cash advance loan amounts & requirements.  

NetCredit  This company has been around for years and they currently offer high dollar cash advance online loans in the US.  They offer personal loans online and claim your credit score won't be affected when you apply online.  Even though they have a few storefront locations it seems you can still complete the application process entirely online in a short amount of time. Netcredit offers direct lender cash advance online loans of anywhere from $1,500 to $8,000 to consumers with average to good credit.

National Payday   National Payday has been providing cash advance online loans for well over a decade. They have a paperless application process and you can be approved for a loan in minutes with cash in hand in less than 24 hours.  National is a great direct cash advance lender to apply with as they fund online loans in almost every state and it's not a problem if you have bad credit.  They won't check your credit score and you'll never be required to fax in any docs.

LoanSolo  They are a longtime provider of online cash advance loans.  They have a large national presence and have been in the cash advance industry for years.  At this time they're offering online cash advance loans that come due in 4 weeks.  These loans are ideal for someone who needs a small amount of cash(usually $300-$600) and plans to pay it back in full within a few weeks.  

Check City   They are a licensed cash advance lender that offers online loans primarily to consumers in the western states.  They offer loans ranging from $200 to $2,000 (depending on your state) with different interest rates and terms in each specific state.  In order to be approved for an online cash advance loan, you'll generally need to be actively employed with an active checking account.  Check City is currently only offering loans in Nevada & Utah.  You will be denied for a loan if you apply from any other state.  Be sure to check the rates on their website before you apply.

Roundsky Cash Advance  They are an online based company that offers cash advance loans and installment loans all throughout the country.  To qualify for a cash advance loan of $300 to $1,000 you will need a job that pays you more than $1,000 a month as well as an active checking account.  Bad credit is ok as long as you don't have any delinquent cash advance loans.  To qualify for an installment loan of up to $10,000 you generally need good credit with verified work history and the ability to make monthly payments.

Upstart Personal Loans   Upstart offers online loans that go above and beyond those offered by most direct cash advance lenders.  They're currently offering high-dollar personal loans of anywhere from $3,000 to $35,000.  They claim their loans have no prepayment penalty with rates that are 25% lower than other lenders.  To be approved for an online loan with Upstart you need a credit score of 650 with verifiable monthly income.  Upstart issues loans in 48 states.

Check back often for new direct cash advance lenders who provide online loans!