Our Mission

We want to be your one stop solution to finding the best lender that funds cash advance online loans

It can be tough to find a reputable direct lender. Many companies claim to offer cash advance online loans when in reality they’re just affiliate companies that want to sell your personal and banking information to the highest bidder. Don’t waste your time applying with companies that aren’t direct lenders! It is tough enough as it is just admitting that you need a loan! At MyCashAdvanceLoans we host a directory of companies that offer cash advance online loans. These companies consist of online lenders that are currently funding both short-term and long term loans. When you check out the lenders in our directory you’ll see some that offer loans for just a few weeks and some that offer loans with a payback of many months! Make sure you know what type of loan is best for you! As an added service we’ve also detailed which companies are actively lending in most states and we’ve also listed the specific states that each lender is currently offering loans in. Be sure to verify your lender is currently offering loans in your state before you apply!


Cash Advance Loan

Also known as a payday loan. Short-term unsecured loan for a small amount.

Installment Loan

These are high dollar loans with payoff times of 12-36 months

Auto Title Loan

Secured loan with your vehicle as collateral.

Our Mission


We don’t lend money and we don’t offer any type of lending services. We are in no way a licensed online lender and we don’t ever plan on offering cash advance loans. We’re not an online cash advance matching service. You’re not applying for a loan with us so at no point do we ask for your personal information. On that note, you should only give your personal information as well as your banking information to a company that you know and trust. Simply put, we’re here to help you find an actual lender that funds cash advance online loans. We’ll do all we can to give you the latest tips and recommendations in order to help you on your path to getting a loan. Be sure to check out our directory of firms that offer online cash advance loans!