Please help me find real direct payday loan lenders

Does the above title sound familiar? It shouldn’t be this hard to find a decent cash advance lender right? There are advertisements for all types of online cash advance lenders on radio, TV, all over the Internet, and sometimes even in your mail. They come in different names, from payday loan lenders and check advance lenders to post-dated check loans. They often all mean one thing; providers of small short-term loans to be paid when the borrower receives his next pay-check. Payday loans can be quite helpful when an urgent need for cash strikes. Situations like this occur between paychecks, but can be quite expensive. Consumers fall behind especially when sourced from the wrong car title loan companies. So how do you find legitimate online direct lenders? A decent company who will not take advantage of your dire need for cash to fleece you dry? A good starting point is to consider the following factors:

Is the payday advance company licensed to operate in your state?

Your first step would be to check if the online lender is licensed to provide cash advance loan services in your state. This is quite crucial when you are dealing with online payday companies that could be based in a different state from where you reside. There are lenders who claim to provide the best rates, yet their fees and charges exceed what is allowed in your home state. A licensed personal loan finance company should follow state regulations on financial matters.

Does the lender have a physical address?

One mistake many borrowers make is to sign a loan agreement before verifying if the lender is a genuine company with a physical presence. The lender must provide all contact information, including a physical address in the company’s website. A registered company should have a physical presence besides what you see online. One thing to consider, most online cash advance lenders will still have a physical address. Because they don’t provide funding in your neighborhood doesn’t mean they don’t have a physical location.

Is the Online Lender Accredited?

Find out how long each of the cash advance lenders have been in business and the kind of reviews he has attracted over that time. You can learn about the lender’s business history and if they are stable and reliable through the Best Business Bureau (BBB) website. The BBB is a non-profit organization that helps consumers to identify trustworthy businesses. The BBB has information about complaints and other malpractice claims filed against the lender, if any. A good company offering direct cash advance loans should have his Best Business Bureau accreditation in good standing.

Does the cash advance lender provide full disclosure?

A reputable lender of online direct loans should come clean on all the terms and fees related to the finance agreement. Reputable direct payday lenders are upfront about all charges and fees you will have to pay after taking the loan. The fees should adhere to the limits provided by the state for car title and bankruptcies. Everything should be clearly stated in the loan agreement. There should be no hidden fees or charges. The lender should provide concise answers to any question you may have about the cash advance loan choices.

How does the lender protect and respect your privacy?

When applying for a cash advance loan, you will have to share your personal details. Some firms may require sensitive financial and occupational information about your business. You should ask how the lender plans to ensure that your personal information does not land in the wrong hands. Find a lender who handles your sensitive personal and financial details with respect and care. The company should have the best security measures in place to secure their customers’ data. They should also have a detailed privacy policy statement in their website. This data should be accessible to all potential and existing customers. It will also help to determine if the cash advance lender is a member of trade organizations. These companies uphold responsible business practices such as CFSA. A legitimate online lender of direct payday loans will provide testimonials from verifiable clients. Finding a reputable lender online requires some due diligence on your part. Take your time and do thorough research about the different options. Compare different companies and know best terms and rates before you sign any document. Getting a cash advance loan doesn’t mean you’re done with the lending process. Be on your lender. Make sure they’re protecting your privacy and reporting your payments to the credit bureaus when applicable.